mardi 6 avril 2010

Sur le processus intuitif

Le processus intuitif, qui est en réalité très simple, peut se résumer ainsi :
- centrez-vous ;
- concentrez-vous sur une question précise ;
- notez les premières impressions que vous recevez en réponse à la question :
- interprétez vos impressions ;
- vérifiez vos conclusions

Laura Day, in Guide pratique de l'Intuition Edition Soleil

Here's a quick lesson in intuition or how to make the right choice when you don't have time to reason.

1. Don't give yourself time to reason
2. Know your question or goal. In fact, it's best to write it down
3. Follow your attention as opposed to thinking or being creative. Notice what you notice, with all of your senses, both internally and in your environment--everything!
4. Document where your attention goes without analyzing the data as you receive it.
5. At a certain point, you'll have an "a-ha" where the correct answer or action is clear to you.
6. If you can, back up your intuition with traditional data.
7. The time it takes to do the preceding six steps will become instantaneous as you practice.

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